Claudio Bottero



Claudio Bottero Italian Master Blacksmith’s passion for forging metal started at an early age watching his own father work.

With his drawing skills and eye for design he was showing a promising future .

Between 1981-87 Claudio worked under the tutelage of late lamented artist blacksmith, Toni Benetton one of the most important figures of iron sculpture in the XX century.

During this period he met and worked with two famous Czech Artisan Blacksmiths  whom greatly influenced his artistic vision and later work

Joseph Muck, blacksmith and restorer and Alfred Habermann, blacksmith and master in the School for the Artistic Heritage Preservation in San Servolo, an island of the Venice lagoon.

Since 1990 Claudio participated in Hefaiston, the famous European blacksmiths conference and competition  at  Helfstyn Castle in the CzechRepublic. He attends this conference regularly and has won various awards.

His home and workshop is located in Torreselle just outside of Padova Italy, where he’s been employing apprentices from various countries since 1994.

Claudio is known for his innovative design and unique expression through his art.Let it be a small dish, a large sculpture or a futuristic gate design with hidden latches and openings.

You can admire his public artwork throughout Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic as well as at the Museum of Metal in Memphis Tennessee.









He is a regular demonstrator and competitor at the European Biennial of the Blacksmiths in Stia, Italy.

In recent years he developed a curriculum on Blacksmithing and he directs courses regularly in Sicily, for the Artist

Blacksmith Association, at the Academy of Fine Art in Anderlecht (Belgium)  and since 2010 at the International Iron Academy, located in the ex-atelier of Toni Benetton, in Mogliano Veneto (Italy).

In the same year Claudio created a new curriculum for a blacksmithing program  in Stia, Italy organized by the same association as the European Biennial of Blacksmiths.

His Son Massimiliano is working with him on a daily basis and he

shows tremendous talent and a familiar sharp-eye for design. Massimiliano will accompany Claudio to our conference and will assist his demonstration.

In our own opinion and shared by many others throughout the World,     Claudio Bottero is a living legend, a humble and modest artist, larger than life. We are honored to have him participate and teach at our conference!






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